900 degree heat resistant insulation high silica cloth

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  • FOB Price: US$1~15/square metre
  • Color: White
  • Width: 820mm
  • Regular Thickness: 0.26mm
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    Heat resistant insulation high silica cloth

    High silica glass fiber is a kind of high temperature resistant inorganic fiber, softening point closing to 1400℃. It can be used in the environment of 900℃ for a long time. With excellent chemical stability and good dielectric properties, it is widely applied in rockets, missiles, spacecraft thermal ablative material; high temperature insulation, insulating materials; fire-proof suit, fire curtain, special high temperature gloves and so on.


    1.High temperature resistance. It can be stored for a long time in the 900℃

    2.Anti-corrosion.It can resist many chemicals.

    3.Good insulation and dielectric properties.

    4.Durable.There is 96% SiO2 in products and the loss of contents is less 3% in the working environment of high temperature.


    1.High temperature, heat insulation, thermal insulation, sealing material.

    2.The high temperature resistant ablative material.

    3.The fireproof material (making fire suits, fire blankets, fire curtain etc.)

    4.High temperature gas - dust, liquid filtration.

    5.The metal melt filtration.

    6.The sound and heat insulation, automobile and motorcycle exhaust filter.

    7.The welding heat insulation materials.

    8.Electrical Insulating Materials.

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