About Us

Welcome to Kaicheng

Taizhou KaiCheng Synthetic material Co., Ltd is located in Jiangsu, China.

Main Products:

We are manufacturer specialized in PTFE(Teflon) adhesive tape, PTFE (Teflon) and Silicone coated fiberglass fabric, PTFE conveyor belt, PTFE non stick baking Liner and Silicone baking mat committed to offering high performance and competitive price through technical innovation and engineering experience.

 Application Areas:

Our products are widely used in household kitchenware, outdoor barbecue, food drying, plastic packaging, aviation, aerospace, automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, high temperature insulation, paper-making, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical corrosion and other fields.

 We also provide customs and OEM service. Our technical and sales teams are ready to meet your requirements and answer any questions involving the various applications that use our products.

 Why Choose Us?

Taizhou KaiCheng Synthetic material Co., Ltd covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with 50 employees. And processing from weaving, warping to coating, belting, cutting, packing, controlling the quality by monitor every process of PTFE & Silicone coated fabric production.

 We have much experience for many years, and have 5 dipping production lines, 2 coating production lines and 10 sets of vertical and horizontal coating drying equipment, high-speed warping machine, Dornier wide-width rapier loom and other imported equipment. With these machines, we offer high production capacity for high performance PTFE & Silicone fabric.

 All our products are available for free samples and customized services. Whether it is the product displayed on our website or your special requirements for Teflon other products, such as food grade, high temperature resistance, smoothness, etc., as long as you have doubts, you can contact our engineers, we will be provide the most suitable product solution for you .