Black anti-static insulating PTFE fiberglass tape

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  • FOB Price: US$0.5-20/square meter
  • Supply Ability: 10000square meter/per month
  • FOB Price: US$3~10/square meter
  • Total Thickness: 0.13mm,0.16mm,0.18mm,0.25mm
  • Width: can be customized
  • Length: 10m,20m,30m,can be customized
  • Color: black
  • Package: carton
  • Supply Ability: 10000 square meter/per month
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    Black anti-static insulating PTFE fiberglass tape

    PTFE(teflon) coated fiberglass tape is a new high-performance, multi-purpose composite product which is made from suspension polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and impregnated with high-performance glass fiber cloth.

    Using glass fiber as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion and dried by mechanical equipment, a new type of composite Teflon glass fiber cloth is made. On the basis of Teflon glass fiber cloth, it is processed and coated with silicone adhesive to make Teflon high temperature resistant tape. Adding other processes in the production process can be made into special-purpose high-temperature resistant Teflon tape, such as Teflon tape with anti-static properties.

    The black PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape is added with black antistatic agent, so it has a special performance——anti-static.

    In addition, we use excellent imported materials to produce various PTFE adhesive products in different specifications.



    2.High temperature resistance. It can work at-70—260℃ continuously.

    3.Surface smooth, non-sticky. Its melting remnant is not stick to the heater.

    4.Excellent electrical insulation.

    5.Good stability and durability.

    6.Resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid,alkali and various organic solvents.


    Black anti-static insulating PTFE fiberglass tape

    We have PTFE adhesive tape with release liner or without release liner.

    Item No Total thickness Max width Adhesive strength (to steel) Strip strength Temperature
    7013 013mm 1250mm 22N/100mm 900N/100mm -70-260℃
    7016 0.16mm 1250mm 26N/100mm 1500N/100mm -70-260℃
    7018 0.18mm 1250mm 28N/100mm 1700N/100mm -70-260℃
    7025 0.25mm 1250mm 48 N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70-260℃
    7030 0.3mm 1250mm 62 N/100mm 3650N/100mm -70-260℃


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