High quality double-layer compound fusing machine belt

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  • FOB Price: US$0.5-20/square meter
  • Supply Ability: 10000square meter/per month
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    High quality double-layer compound fusing machine belt

    We supply several types of fusing machine belt in different size. For more information, please contact us.

    PTFE seamless/seam fusing machine belts are are specifically engineered with the mechanical strength needed for the fusing and laminating industries. Its non-stick surface, thermal transfer and high temperature resistance characteristics ensure the flow of woven and non-woven materials through the fusing and lamination process..

    1.PTFE seamless fusing machine belt:

    the belt is made of high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar, knitted by special equipment and coated with fine PTFE. Seamless belt overcomes former problems of traditional joint fusing machine belt such as bad stability, ruptures, and deflecting for different girth on two sides at the joint. The using life of seamless PTFE Fusing Machine Belt are 3 times more than all kinds of joint PTFE Fusing Machine Belt.

    2.Double-layer compound fusing machine belt:

    with static-resistance varnished cloth inside and tearing-resistance fiberglass cloth outside, the belt has a great improvement on its intensity, long using life, well balanced thickness, excellent deflecting preventing capacity, smooth surface, it’s better for super thin fabric fusing.

    3.Common seam fusing machine belt:

    Seam fusing machine belt is made of imported materials. The surface is smooth and luster and the price is competitive.


    1)High temperature resistance and adherence resistance;

    2)Good tensile strength, preventing deflecting;

    3)Excellent capability of resistance of static;

    4)smooth surface, more suits for super thin lining;

    5)Flex fatigue resistance, durable, long using life;


    1)Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk-printing and dyeing machine;

    2)Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer;

    3)Conveyor belt for hot-air dryer, various of food baking, quick-frozen machines;

    4)Oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering;

    5)Separating sheet for hardboard production etc.

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