• Which is the best oven liner?
    Post time: Mar-09-2023

    Whether you bake pies, pizzas, or casseroles, melted cheese, fillings, and other toppings can bubbling and dripping, creating a mess in the oven.When these spills burn, they can fill your kitchen with smoke and can be difficult and time-consuming to clean up.The best oven liners are made of flexi...Read more »

  • What you need to know about gas cooktop protector
    Post time: Feb-08-2023

    The gas cooktop protector is great for cooks who love to cook but fear the mess it creates.These protectors can add some beauty to the kitchen while providing protection for the burners. The top gas stove protector can be customized for your stove. These gas cooktop protectors are thicker than mo...Read more »

  • Customize the gas stove protective pad for you
    Post time: Jan-29-2023

    Material selection: glass fiber cloth is coated with high-quality Teflon, and the surface of Teflon is anti-sticky, which can easily remove oil stains on the surface; and can resist the 300 degrees Celsius temperature. Advantages:  easy cleaning, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and re...Read more »

  • Installation and debugging of Teflon conveyor belt on conveyor
    Post time: Oct-24-2022

    Teflon conveyor belts are high temperature resistant and food-grade materials, which are used on many conveyors. By installing a Teflon conveyor belt, the conveyor can continuously carry various items on a certain line, with low operating costs and a wide range of applications. The installation a...Read more »

  • We are waiting for you in romantic Turkey (Istanbul Packaging Exhibition 1336D) from Oct 12th to Oct 15th
    Post time: Oct-11-2022

    Our company(Taizhou kaicheng synthetic materials ltd) will participate in the exhibition held in Istanbul from October 12th to October 15th ((EURASIA PACKAGING ISTANBUL 2022). Stand no. 1336D. The address is Tüyap Fair and Congress Center Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Eski Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi 9/1, 34500...Read more »

  • Characteristics of silicone oven mats
    Post time: Sep-22-2022

    Thanks to years of technical accumulation and improvement of production technology, we have solved the defect that traditional craft products are easy to scratch. The service life of the product is doubled, and the bottleneck of repeated use of 3,000 times is broken. The non-stick and temperatur...Read more »

  • PTFE conveyor belt for food grade salt
    Post time: Sep-08-2022

    Food safe relate to our human life, everyone eat salt everyday, during salt manufacturing, conveyor belt participate directly in processing, which is the best convey belt, how do we choose it? Science and technology are first important thing in industry manufacturing, all industries are focus on ...Read more »

  • Why is our air-permeable silicone oven mat popular with people?
    Post time: Sep-02-2022

    More and more kitchens use air-permeable silicone oven mats,they are popular with people. Because they have the following advantages: 1. Heat resistant to 230 degrees Celsius, heat resistant, deformation resistant and durable. 2.Perforated and air-permeable, which is conducive to deformation or c...Read more »

  • Three kinds of edging reinforcement of PTFE mesh belts
    Post time: Jul-29-2022

      There are three kinds of edging reinforcement of PTFE mesh belts. 1.PTFE film reinforcement  According to color, it can be divided into red film, black film, white film and blue film. Because the main colors of mesh belts are brown and black, the main colors chosen by customers are mostly ...Read more »

  • How to choose high temperature welding cloth?
    Post time: Jul-14-2022

    High temperature welding cloth, also known as self-adhesive welding cloth, welding protective cloth, plastic-steel welding cloth, is high-strength fiberglass cloth used in plastic doors and windows welding for cladding, isolation of the heating plate. It is a new composite material that uses high...Read more »

  • PTFE bbq grill mats won the heart of customers
    Post time: Jul-07-2022

    Grilling mats can make a big difference in reducing grill mess, so if you’re looking to simplify your backyard cooking routine, you’ve come to the right place.The best grilling mats are nonstick, dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and they’re thick enough for durability but thin en...Read more »

  • What is the maximum temperature that teflon tape can withstand?
    Post time: Jun-29-2022

    Using glass fiber as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion and dried by mechanical equipment, a new type of composite Teflon glass fiber cloth is made. On the basis of Teflon glass fiber cloth, it is processed and coated with silicone adhesive to make Teflon high temperature resistant tape....Read more »

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