Bull-nose Joint, The Most common joining of ptfe mesh belts

Teflon mesh conveyor belt is based on teflon mesh cloth. Teflon mesh belt uses joints to form teflon mesh cloth into an annular conveyor belt. Here is the most commonly used joint method: Bull-nose joint.

Bull-nose joint is the most common way of joining. The material of PTFE mesh belt and joint net is woven with the Kevlar cord as substrate, and then coated with teflon emulsion, which is basically the same as that of teflon mesh belt (mesh belt joint + Kevlar cord = joint).  It is a special joint for Teflon mesh belt, as its high strength and good wear resistance.

The Bull-nose connector is the most commonly used joint way of the Teflon mesh belt and Teflon mesh conveyor belt. It is also called dog nose joint and wall joint. The material used in the joint net is Kevlar coated Teflon emulsion (the technology is basically the same as that of Teflon mesh belt, so as to ensure the technology of Teflon conveyor belt). The intensity is stronger than that of the other parts of Teflon conveyor belt, so it is durable, and then passes through the needle. Make Teflon mesh cloth into a ring.

The materials used for the teflon mesh belt, include teflon mesh fabric, the joint of the belt, Kevlar cord,and the needle.

The use of Bull-nose joint has the advantages of simple joint method and convenient replacement. It is widely used in all kinds of teflon conveyor belts.

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Post time: Mar-29-2022