Customize the gas stove protective pad for you

Material selection: glass fiber cloth is coated with high-quality Teflon, and the surface of Teflon is anti-sticky, which can easily remove oil stains on the surface; and can resist the 300 degrees Celsius temperature.

Advantages:  easy cleaning, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and reusable.

Use it to avoid the problems: accumulated dirt and oil stains that are difficult to clean.  During cooking, the spilled soup and oil stains flow onto the mat, and they will be cleaned once wiped.

From then on, it is no longer difficult to take care of the health. The protective pad of the gas stove says goodbye to the greasy hearth. There are different thicknesses to choose from, such as 0.12mm, 0.2mm, 0.32mm and so on.

We are factory of gas stove protective pad in China. If you need to customize size,  please contact our engineer at for free samples.


Post time: Jan-29-2023