How to choose the right PTFE baking sheet

With the upgrading of various related products on the market, it has also promoted the rapid development of PTFE baking sheets in the food industry. The contents of PTFE baking sheets are very extensive. For example, the thickness can be divided into many, the thinnest is 0.08mm, the thickest can reach 1mm. According to the color, it can be divided into white, brown, black and so on. The professional staff from Suzhou Meiao, a PTFE baking sheet manufacturer, will introduce how to choose the right PTFE baking sheet in detail.

Different requirements correspond to different use occasions, so customers should communicate with our salesperson in advance before purchasing PTFE bakeware, explain their own use occasions, use temperature, pressure and other environments. We will follow your requirements. Use the actual situation to determine the PTFE baking sheet you want. The main substrate of the PTFE baking sheet is glass fiber, and the outside is PTFE emulsion, so it has a certain degree of wear resistance, but it cannot compete with the wear resistance of metal.

The operating temperature of PTFE baking sheet is generally not more than 260 degrees, and the minimum cannot be lower than minus 90 degrees. Exceeding this temperature range may damage the characteristics of the PTFE baking sheet, so we must always pay attention to the temperature and pressure range of the PTFE baking sheet.

Therefore, the PTFE baking pan workshop must have strict protective measures to reduce the damage to the human body from the glass fiber dust in the air.

1. All staff must wear protective overalls, helmets, sunglasses, and ensure that the body is completely enclosed. They must also wear protective gloves when working.

2. To ensure the air humidity in the PTFE baking sheet crushing workshop, so that the concentration can be reduced to the lowest. It is necessary to ensure the ventilation of the workshop to reduce the concentration of glass fiber dust in the workshop.

3. The working time of the staff in the PTFE baking sheet crushing workshop shall not exceed eight hours, and they cannot work continuously.


Post time: Mar-29-2022